Beautiful but deadly is the best way to describe it. It's a plant commonly found in Illinois that can be a looker, but the truth is it's extremely toxic and especially so for children that get ahold of its seeds.

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Have you ever tangled (plant pun intended) with Jimsonweed? It's a vile plant even though it admittedly looks kind of pretty.

Integrated Pest Management via YouTube
Integrated Pest Management via YouTube

I saw Only In Your State bring Jimsonweed to everyone's attention and that's to be applauded as this is a plant you need to understand especially if you have children around.

Illinois Wildflowers mentions that Jimsonweed has "a bitter rank odor". That bad smell is actually a warning about how toxic it really is. Experts estimate that as few as 20 seeds consumed by a child can be fatal.

The reason I'm glad this vicious plant was mentioned at this time of year is summer to early fall is the prime time when you'll see Jimsonweed reveal itself.

Know that Jimsonweed isn't just dangerous for young children. It's toxic to the touch and you don't want to handle it no matter what.

This is one of those plants you'll frequently see in Illinois, but it's one you really don't want around. The smell of Jimsonweed alone is reason enough to get it gone if you encounter it.

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