Missouri doesn't even have legalized cannabis but that isn't stopping one lawmaker from making the case for the legalization of psychedelic drugs like "magic mushrooms" to become legal in the Show-Me State.

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According to stltoday.com, there is a lawmaker in Missouri who is presenting the case for the legalization of psychedelic drugs to become legalized in Missouri. The lawmaker is Tony Lovasco a republican from O'Fallon, and apparently, he made his case during the House Health and Mental Health Committee hearing. In the article they say...

"...would allow people with approved conditions to use certain plant- or fungus-based psychedelics...The bill identifies patients with treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder or depression or who have a terminal illness as eligible recipients. People with other conditions could petition the Department of Health and Senior Services to expand the list."

The article goes on to mention how Oregon passed similar legislation to this one back in 2020, and this is all based upon research that is being done that shows how these psychedelic drugs can have positive impacts on people with certain mental health struggles. TO read the full article for yourself just click here! 

I got to be honest, I am surprised to see this proposed bill being floated around in Missouri, I would expect this news to be coming out of Illinois a state that has already legalized cannabis and is certainly more politically aligned with states like Oregon. I have a feeling this bill won't go anywhere in Missouri anytime soon unless the science really swings lawmakers, but I do feel as though legalized cannabis isn't too far away in the Show-Me State.

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