What would you do if you were in the middle of the Missouri woods in your hunting blind and suddenly a bear decided he wanted to join you? That really happened to a hunter who shared the video of this close encounter of the black bear kind.

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The guy who shared this on YouTube has almost no subscribers and he provided no backstory for what you're about to see. No explanation is needed. He was obviously in his hunting blind in November when he noticed a curious black bear wandering his direction. While it would chew on a few sticks, it didn't seem interested in him until...

The hunter played it cool and didn't make any sounds, but perhaps he should have. The worst thing you can do is surprise a bear since that's what can lead to the animal attacking. Probably not a big deal for this big bear as he was sniffing around before he reached the ladder and almost certainly new the guy was up there. Not trying to be a critic as this hunter may very well have had bear spray in his stand and had it deployed ready to use it.

The National Park Service offers advice on what to do if you encounter a bear like this in the wild. You need to calmly make the animal aware of your presence preferably at a distance. Don't run and don't do anything that makes you look like prey.

While bears are curious creatures, they are rarely aggressive unless they feel threatened. If they attack, what you do depends on what type of bear you're dealing with. If it's a grizzly, you're supposed to cover your head and neck with your hands and try to play dead. If it's a black bear like the one who almost climbed this guy's stand, you fight back.

In this case, no bears or hunters were harmed. Just a close encounter with a curious predator in the Missouri woods.

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