There are only a few places in America that this is possible. A homeowner shared a new video showing quite a sight in their backyard. It was a bear mom and cubs napping and cooling off on a rock and I have to wonder out loud if this was in southern Missouri where the bear population is exploding.

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There is no exact location given for this fun wildlife moment and there's a good reason for that. First of all, if everyone knows there are bears in a certain area, there's a good chance curious people will start encroaching on the animal's territory.

This bear sow and young cubs don't seem bothered by...anything actually. Just living (bear) life and cooling off on a rock.

Why is Missouri a real possible location for this sweet bear moment?

The Missouri Department of Conservation says that the black bear population in Missouri is growing so fast that the current estimate says there may be nearly a thousand black bears in the Show Me State Now with a growth rate of over 9% every single year.

I will happily admit this could also be Gatlinburg, Tennessee as the bears there are legendary for getting close to tourists. That would be my 2nd guess as there was another bear moment shared near this one that originated from there.

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