There really should be some kind of outrage about this. A tipster has revealed that the government is spying on you in Missouri and they believe it's totally legal. Oh, and there's really nothing you can do about it either. Good news all around.

If you value your personal freedom, I urge you to read a story shared by Politico. They interviewed a journalist who's spent the last 5 years learning what data the government is collecting on you and how they use it. His name is Byron Tau. He spoke with a tipster who they said revealed "the government was buying up reams of consumer data — information scraped from cellphones, social media profiles, internet ad exchanges".

Think you live a private life in Missouri? Think again. Every single device you own and every single comment you make on social media and every single product you buy is tracked. That's part of the revelation of Byron Tau's book "Means of Control".

Why is this so vital for Missouri citizens?

Freedom in the 50 States has consistently ranked Missouri as one of the "freest states in America". The Show Me State has been ranked in the top 10 for almost all of the past 24 years and Missouri is also ranked as one of the best "off-the-grid" states, too. This new book will make you question how "off-the-grid" Missouri really is. The answer is alarmingly not much.

The book talk about how your data isn't just used for commercial purposes, but also for law enforcement and government agency means. That's beyond troubling. Perhaps like the old KISS song said "your freedom is just a state of mind".

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