My dad always taught me that it's best to be quiet while fishing. He would have been blown away by video shared by a Missouri fisherman who's trip was interrupted by a low-flying Black Hawk helicopter.

Here's what this Missouri angler shared about his unexpected fishing companion:

Was fishing along the Osage River in Missouri when I was giving the surprise of a lifetime!

NOTE: there's some NSFW language here which is understandable since the guy was more than a little surprised (and pleased) that he had an up-close with a military legend.

If you're not familiar with what a Black Hawk helicopter is capable of, Wikipedia breaks down the history of the UH-60 Black Hawk. They can handle 2 pilots and 2 crew members/gunners and can fly up to 183 mph. That's hauling. Different variants can even be armed with Hellfire missiles. That would be one way to get a trespasser out of your favorite fishing spot.

Considering that he was fishing the Osage River, it's no surprise really that he'd see one of these beasts and that's not far from some of the many Missouri military installations.

It's not often you get this kind of brush with military greatness in the middle of a quiet fishing afternoon in Missouri. Cool that he was quick thinking and grabbed his phone to capture video of the experience.

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