This just might be the most insane thing I've ever heard and I've heard a lot of things. A Missouri delicacy is allegedly one of America's most loathed foods. What gives?

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I could make an argument that this article is evidence that the average IQ of Americans is on the way down. It's an article by Feast Good that claims this Missouri food is one of the most "loathed" in America. It's worth mentioning that the website says it is comprised of "team of athletes, nutrition coaches, and registered dieticians". So if this were The Breakfast Club, they'd be the jock? OK. Got it.

So what Missouri food is allegedly loathed by other upstanding Americans?

Missouri BBQ Ribs

But, why dog our ribs?

Feast Good says "while they may be a delicious meal, they can be considered bad for dieters due to their high calorie and fat content." Let me correct something they said. It should say "they WILL be a delicious meal"...there's no might involved.

I'm fine with people trying to be healthy, but leave the rest of us alone would ya? I'll choose happy and somewhat unhealthy with my Missouri BBQ ribs if I want to.

For what it's worth, Feast Good doesn't like deep-dish Illinois pizza either. Enjoy running your laps and stuff, but I'm of the opinion you're forgetting some of life's finer joys.

The entire "loathed" food list in America is an interesting read if you'd like some ideas of what to throw on your grill this weekend.

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