When it comes to food rules in the Show Me State apparently there is one rule that is way more important than all the others, but do you agree with the rule?

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The website ranker.com has ranked the most important food rules for each state, as you might expect they have rules like "no ketchup on hotdogs" for the state of Illinois (which by the way I disagree with, put whatever you want on your hotdog BUT if you are eating it "Chicago Style" then duh don't put ketchup on that style of hotdog). When it comes to the state of Missouri's most important food rule it's all about the ribs.

On the website they say that the most important food rule in Missouri is "Ribs are Grilled not Smoked" they say this has to do with the St. Louis style of spare ribs which are grilled and then sauced.

Now I am not from Missouri so I have no idea if this is true or not, that's why I am asking you all! And I ask this question because I have always been a fan of smoked BBQ, smoked ribs obviously, but also smoked chicken, wings, and everything else. My other question would be if in Missouri everyone is supposed to grill their ribs and not smoke them, which states do you smoke ribs in? Well according to a quick Google search thedailymeal.com says that you smoke ribs in Kansas!

Well now I am really confused... I feel like the people in Missouri would be split pretty 50/50 on grilling vs smoking ribs if the two major cities are two different styles of cooking ribs. So IS grilling ribs the most important food rule in Missouri?

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