I will admit that I am a fan of clothing especially for myself. Truth is I would take a shower with my clothes on if it worked that way. Sadly, it doesn't, but I digress. If you prefer clothing off and/or optional, there is a place in Missouri where you can live that dream and swimming is included.

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I did a harrowing search which I do not recommend for the faint of heart to see if there is a place in Missouri where you can bare it all legally. Fear not as I will not be vacationing there. It's just a search born out of curiosity. The place I saw mentioned by many is called the Forty Acre Club. It touts itself as "America's Gateway Family Nudist Club". OK, then.

Here's what the campground and swimming pool look like and no, there are no naked residents shown. You are welcome.

I want to be clear that I'm not judging. There are many fine fine people that believe the human body should not be held back by threads of fabric. To each his own. Here's how these free spirits describe themselves via their website:

At Forty Acres, there are many activities, or sometimes we just lounge by the swimming pool. We might play a round of miniature golf, pool, horse shoes, or darts. Or maybe walk the secluded walking trails.

I'm not sure I could play miniature golf in the buff, but that's just me. (Editor's Note: that really is GREAT news) You can take a virtual tour if you're curious. They're located at 104 Ridge Acres Loop in Lonedell, Missouri.

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