The official National Weather Service surveys haven't been completed yet, but a violent wedge tornado is expected to be declared one of the longest duration tornadoes in history. Some storm chasers in Missouri had a close call with this twister as their dashcam video shows.

Nick Gorman shared this video today from their chase last night that brought them within feet of a monster tornado. This is about as intense as it gets. The video begins where they chasers identify the tornado is on the left side of the road from them about to pass in front of their vehicle.

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Max Olsen also got close to this killer storm.

There is already a Wikipedia page for what is being called the Quad State Tornado. It shows that this twister remained a mile-wide monster on what could be up to a 240 mile duration. It began in Arkansas, continued causing destruction in Missouri before crossing over Illinois and eventually into Kentucky.

It appears this tornado is not just a potential record setter, but also a killer. Reports of deaths in Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky could include more than 50 people.

I will update this story once the National Weather Service completes their surveys and issue an official report of the duration and damage of this tornado outbreak. Thoughts are prayers are with all those affected along this incredibly large affected area.

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