If this Missouri boy is any indication, the younger generation is gonna be great. He's on a mission to meet and thank thousands of veterans and he's well on his way to accomplish his goal.

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Skyler Clark is a 10-year-old Missouri boy who believes veterans are underappreciated. He's not wrong. I saw his inspiring effort trending on Yahoo today. KOLR10 & Ozarks Fox interviewed Skyler and his mother about why he's on a quest to meet and thank so many who have served this country.

How did Skyler gain such an appreciation for veterans? His mother, Ashlee Clark, said that he was told about these men and women who would sometimes travel overseas to serve and protect our freedom and he immediately wanted to say thank you. In his view, people weren't thanking them enough, so he decided to do something about that. This is called good parenting, by the way.

According to the interview, Skyler wants to serve in the military when he gets older. It's quite a noble endeavor that he aspires to. With what he's done already, there is no question he will achieve what he's set out to do. He's already doing that now and thousands of veterans are better because of it.

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