You don't see this everyday. As a matter of fact (statistically speaking) you might never see this. New photos show what appears to be two very rare albino groundhogs that showed up recently in a man's yard in Missouri.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation just shared these pictures on their Facebook page today which were shared with them by William Hubbard. It's 2 very white groundhogs/woodchucks just hanging out in his backyard.

The state of Missouri says you are likely to see groundhogs/woodchucks periodically in just about every part of the state, but not normally near the river where they don't have many den options. But, they do tend to be shy animals that avoid humans and you definitely can't expect to see an albino woodchuck/groundhog maybe ever. They say it's a 1 in 10,000 chance, but that sound optimistic. The woodchuck is a daytime animal though that is not afraid to come out when the sun's out.

If you see a groundhog, make sure to not scare it. The Missouri Department of Conservation says "when alarmed or suddenly disturbed, they can give a loud, shrill whistle." Yikes.

How very cool that Mr. Hubbard was kind enough to share his rare nature sight with the rest of us.

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