It's a proven fact that bears will eat just about anything and everything. A Midwest farmer learned this as he was surprised to see much of his corn had been eaten by a large bear who was still feasting.

Here's what this farmer had to say about Yogi Bear having a large snack in his corn field recently:

Nothing is worse than heading out in the woods in hopes of getting a nice buck and watching a bear sit on my corn eating it for 30 minutes. So much for seeing any deer today!

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If you think this is a rare one-off event, think again. This also happened recently in Iowa near Sioux City.

I believe it was Michigan State University that shared a study on how Midwestern farmers can deal with hungry bears. They mention that bears will eat the entire cob while other animals might just feed on the corn itself.

Large, localized areas of broken, smashed stalks indicate bears have fed
in corn fields.

This made me wonder if all the crop circles we think are caused by UFO's might have a more down-to-Earth explanation. A more down-to-Earth explanation with very large teeth I might add.

The study goes on to recommend electric fence with a curious tip on how to potentially teach a bear a painful lesson:

hanging strips of bacon or strips of aluminum foil smeared with peanut butter on the
fence has proven effective. The bear then licks the bait and receives a shock.

I'm gonna pass on the "shock the bear" strategy, but it's worth nothing that bears in corn fields is not as uncommon as it used to be, so be bear-aware.

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