Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore has proposed and is actively working on an initiative to hopefully show a population growth to 45-thousand people by the year 2030. A growth of that size is important for federal funding to come to the city and area as that funding is based on population. That is why this year's Census count is so important.

Twenty years ago I was the Census 2000 manager for 8 counties in West-Central Illinois including Adams County. People were reluctant to send in their Census forms then and they probably will be this year as well.

It was my belief in 2000 that some 7 to 10 thousand people went uncounted (possibly as many as 3 thousand in Adams County alone) because they refused to submit their Census form and I believe that will also be the case this year.

The Federal money left on the table for not sending in your Census form is unfortunate. Money to fill those potholes, help the food pantries, assist with childcare and other services just won't be there like it should despite it being available to us.

Census Day is April 1, 2020 so when you get your Census form please take the time to fill it out and submit it. If we all did, I wouldn't be surprised if we already have 45-thousand or more people living in Quincy.


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