Lost in the Coronavirus Pandemic we are experiencing is the fact that the 2020 Census is still being conducted. It is something that happens every 10 years.  Many have already completed the short Census 2020 form, but there are still those who haven’t.  It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and it is so important to the community that you live in for the next ten years.

So why is it so important to fill out the Census form?  Well, the Census data is used to determine how and where Federal money is spent.  That money will go to locally support new roads, school needs, healthcare needs for children and seniors among other things. The data will also be used to determine your fair representation through redistricting.

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According to an article in a recent Herald Whig, this area is doing better than the nation average in responding to the Census 2020 but there is still a need for all of us to respond. The goal is to have all communities at 90% or better. Listed below are some statistics per Adams County cities in our area as of a week ago.

CITY                 RESPONSE RATE

Ursa                    79.9%

Golden                74.9%

Columbus           72.9%

Quincy                70.9%

Plainville             70.1%

Mendon              69.3%

Camp Point        69.1%

Payson               68.1%

Coatsburg          64.6%

Loraine               64.5%

Liberty                57.4%

LaPrairie             56.3%

Clayton               55.4%

Lima                    48.5%

Listed below are local Illinois County listings:

Adams                72.1%

Hancock             63.5%

Brown                 59.7%

Schuyler             62.5%

Pike                    60.5%

Calhoun              38.1%

Listed below are local Missouri County listings:

Marion                 65.6%

Scotland              61.5%

Pike                     60%

Lewis                   59.6%

Ralls                    58.6%

Shelby                 57.7%

Monroe                52.6%

Clark                    51.7%

Knox                    49.2%

As you can see all counties and cities in our area have some work to do to count all of our residents to make sure we get our fair share of the Federal funding that will be going out for the next decade.

You can complete your Census questionnaire by mail, phone or online. Just fill out the previously sent questionnaire and mail it back, call 844-330-2020, or go to www.my2020census.gov.

The Census 2020 count will come to an end on October 31 which was extended from July 31 due to the current pandemic.

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