An army of volunteers assisted the elderly and disabled to remove debris from their properties over the weekend. They worked in high heat and humidity along with some rain at times as part of the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" campaign. Unfortunately, they were able to do just so much.  Most of them needed to return to work today. Much more needs to be done in the city's recovery. With that in mind, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore has asked for the business community to step up and assist.

Alta King
Alta King

The Mayor has emailed the business community a letter requesting that a corporate day be set up to help those families who volunteers were unable to provide assistance to over the weekend. The corporate day will be this Thursday, July 23, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The command center will be set up at 18th and Elm.

The Mayor believes if some 75 to 100 volunteers could turn out Thursday that they could complete the task. The hope is for companies to spare 3 to 5 employees to help clear debris. Listed below is the actual letter from Mayor Moore.

Just one week ago the City of Quincy was hit with straight-line winds topping 70 MPH. The effects were devastating to our access to emergency services, access to power, our canopy and to many citizens’ property. While our access to emergency services and power has been restored, the cleanup will take a massive effort. Over the course of the week, we asked citizens to take any debris from their backyards to be placed in the city right of way in front of their homes so city crews can begin to remove the debris.  As part of our response effort, Adams County Emergency Management set up a hotline to recruit volunteers and for elderly and disabled individuals to let us know they are in need of help. This past weekend a “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” campaign was launched. While we were able to accomplish a lot, the weather and the heat deterred many volunteers, which left a lot of work to be accomplished.

As of today there are over 60 individuals or families that are in need of assistance removing debris from their backyards. The corporate community has been so helpful in our response so far, and I can’t tell you how proud that makes me. I am writing to ask you for your help again. The City of Quincy, Adams County Emergency Management and the United Way are setting up a corporate day to help those families who we were unable to provide assistance to over the weekend. The corporate day will be on Thursday, July 23rd, from 8 AM – 5 PM. The command center will be set up at 18th and Elm. We believe if we had 75-100 volunteers we could complete the task at hand. If each company could spare 3-5 employees to help clear debris, it would make a huge impact in our community.

My fear, is that if these work orders do not get completed, the debris will be left in these backyards, and at best, the cleanup will be extended for months, at worst, it will become a fire hazard that could cause another disaster in our city. If you are willing to help us in this effort, please contact the hotline at 221-7788 or send me an email.

This week proved that the culture of caring is alive and well in Quincy, I hope you’ll help us finish cleaning up our beautiful city.

Best Regards,

Kyle A. Moore


City of Quincy

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