Mark Twain Himself returns to the Planters Barn Theater in Hannibal

One of the biggest questions about life in the new normal following the coronavirus outbreak was when will live theatre return to the Tri-States? Well it appears that question has been answered as "Mark Twain Himself" is set to return to performances starting June 3rd at the Planters Barn Theater on Main street in Downtown Hannibal. On the Facebook page for the classic Mark Twain show, they are currently selling tickets for all upcoming shows, kicking off with the first show at 5 pm on Wednesday, June 3rd. The show sells their tickets through, and on the ticket page the show is described as...

"Like a homecoming, Mark Twain Himself returns author and humorist Samuel L. Clemens to his Missouri birthplace and Hannibal home on the banks of the Mississippi River. Audiences experience a special encounter with the man who made America laugh and inspired the world. It’s a great show full of hilarious comedy and compelling drama."

To read more about the show and to buy tickets to "Mark Twain Himself" click here!

Tickets are available for only $20, and there are lots of available dates in the coming weeks and months. In my short time living in the Tri-States I haven't yet made it to one of these performances but it is high on my list in 2020, I hear the actor who plays Mark Twain is fantastic! And I will definitely need to scratch my theatre itch somewhere this year with Quincy Community Theatre moving their 2020 season to 2021. Have any of you seen the show?

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