There is a report from Ballwin, Missouri about a man who was arrested and placed in jail, then released and arrested again after he allegedly tried to break back into the same jail. I have so many questions.

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My curious journey into this merry-go-round of police business began with a post by the Ballwin, Missouri Police Department on Facebook during their daily roundup. Pay special attention to the second part of this update.

In case the report status is not appearing correctly on your device, here's what the Ballwin, Missouri police shared:

Officers took a report for property damage. A suspect who was just released from jail, apparently wanted to spend more time with their favorite officers. They proceed to go to the main entrance of the station and force their way into the secure part of the station. Their actions quickly got them arrested and placed back behind bars.

I knew that I just had to know more. It looks like Fox 2 St. Louis filled in a lot of the blanks about what went down (literally) in Ballwin. They said a 21-year-old Brussells, Illinois man was the alleged perpetrator. He was allegedly trying to access the secure part of the station when he kicked down the keypad. He was eventually tasered and put back in the jail cell he was just released from.

I don't know if this guy is guilty or not, but from where I'm standing this looks like the complete opposite of that Michael Jackson song "Smooth Criminal".

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