I didn't know it was possible for humans to peer into the future until now. Did you know that Madison, Wisconsin was just named one of the best cities to live in across America not just for 2024, but 2025 also?

This is no single blogger's opinion, by the way. US News and World Report just shared their brand new list of the best cities to live in for America in 2024 AND 2025. I know that US News and World Report is respected, but how do they know what cities will be awesome next year? More on that shortly.

First, the good news. Madison, Wisconsin was named the #14 best place to live in America. Woohoo. Why did Madison get a nice national shout-out? They say "Madison, Wisconsin, exudes the casual, down-to-earth feel you'd expect in the capital of America's Dairyland". Nice. They also go on to praise Madison for being a "hotbed" of technological advancements.

City Geek via YouTube
City Geek via YouTube

Now, about that ability to look into the future. The methodology used to decide why Madison ranked among the best places to live in America included surveys done as recently as this February 2024 asking people across the country the qualities they look for in a place to live. The reason that 2025 was included was this very respected annual ranking will carry over into the first part of next year when they'll once again produce a new ranking.

Until the new one comes out, you get to wear one of the best places to live crowns, Madison. You have once again repped Wisconsin on the national stage which is an accomplishment.

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