You've served your country. You're ready to retire. But, where do you go?

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Recently, the website Wallet Hub did a study of the 100 largest cities in America to determine which were best places for veterans to go for retirement.

Wallet Hub used four basic criteria in their study: Employment, Economy, Quality of Life and Health.

Under the Employment heading, they looked at, among other things, the share of military skill-related jobs, veteran unemployment rate and job growth.

Under Economy, they looked at housing affordability, veteran income growth and share of vets living in poverty.

Under Qualty of Life, Wallet Hub considered veteran population, projected vet population growth and family-friendliness.

And, under Health, considerations included percentage of fully vaccinated residents, VA Benefits Administration facilities and VA Health facilities.

Wallet Hub took 20 different factors, assigned point totals and rated the cities 1 through 100.

Here are the top ten:

1. Tampa, FL

Google Maps

Ranked in the top five for Quality of Life, in the top ten for Employment

2. Austin, TX

Google Maps

In the top five for veterans' Employment

3. Scottsdale, AZ

Google Maps

Like Tampa, top five for QOL, top ten for Employment

4. Raleigh, NC

Google Maps

Number 6 for Economy, number 9 for Quality of Life

5. Gilbert, AZ

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Number two for Employment, number seven for Economy

6. Lincoln, NE

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In the top five for Employment and Economy

7. Madison, WI

Google Maps

Top ten for Employment

8. Virginia Beach, VA

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Number one for Economy

9. Orlando, FL

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Number two for Quality of Life

10. Boise, ID

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Top five for Employment and Quality of Life

In case you're interested, the bottom five cities for veterans to retire are Toledo, Ohio, Jersey City, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Newark, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan.

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