We have all heard of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" where celebrities get their name on a star and placed on the historic sidewalk in California.  It got me to thinking, why can't we do the same here in Quincy? A "Quincy Walk of Fame". I brought this up four years ago and thought I would revisit the idea. Let's say we use the sidewalk surrounding Washington Park. So now we have the location, so who should get a star with their name on it?  I'll name a few that I feel are deserving of being honored and you can help me out by submitting your own list of names.

I'd start with President Abe Lincoln, Senator Stephen Douglas, Governor John Wood, Mr. Quincy Joe Bonansinga, radio broadcasting legend Hal Barton, Chicago Cubs manager and player El Tappe and Major Leaguer Jim Finnegan.

Then there is golfer D.A. Weibring, Green Bay Packer Herman Schneidman, car radio pioneer Elmer Wavering, radio engineer Francis Wentura, the first black ordained Catholic Priest Father Augustus Tolton, the Enola Gay pilot Colonel Paul Tibbetts and musician Mickey Free. Now, there is quite a diverse list of celebrities deserving of a star on the Washington Park sidewalks.

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There are plenty of other names that can be added to this list. I just touched the tip of the iceberg. So feel free to add to this list with names of people who have made Quincy a better place to live and have made a contribution to this community.

Who do you believe should be on the list?

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