If you ever wanted to know why we keep hearing that our educational system is failing us, just read a Quincy Herald Whig article written by Ed Husar and published in last Sunday's paper. The article is headlined "Not Enough Parents Respond to Survey For State Report". The headline says it all.

It's not the system that is failing us, it is the parents of the children using the system. The article states that "the Quincy School District failed to reach the minimum 30% district wide response rate needed to get a state report summarizing parental feedback on a recent survey."

The survey was called the Illinois 5 Essentials and all Quincy teachers in grades K-12 were given the survey, along with students from grades 6 through 12.  The parental portion of the survey was not mandatory but was requested.

According to the Herald Whig article, these parents were given the chance to express their feelings about their child's school, but less than 20% returned the filled out survey, district-wide. Four schools did get at least a 30% return of the surveys: Ellington, Dewey,Monroe, and Berrian. Those schools will receive reports.

Schools are only as good as the parents who are involved in them. This lack of response by parents speaks volumes as to why children are struggling in school these days. Parental involvement means everything to a child's success but apparently it didn't mean enough in this case.

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