Of all the legends in Missouri, few are older than the one that tells the story of Bone Hill, Missouri and the ghost that is still searching for its lost gold.

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For starters, the Bone Hill Cemetery is a real place in Missouri. It's now known as the Ebenezer Church Cemetery and it's located at 37704 E Bone Hill Road in Sibley, Missouri. It's a lonely place that's just east of the metro area of Kansas City.

Legends of America tells the story of not just one, but two legends associated with the Bone Hill Cemetery. They say settlers used to herd buffalo to this hill in the early 1800's then slaughter them there. Nice.

The biggest mystery about the Bone Hill Cemetery in Missouri is centered around a family who owned slaves prior to the Civil War. The farmer apparently decided to begrudgingly sell the property in 1862 as the territory was in the middle of war skirmishes. He was afraid that his fortune he received for the farm would be stolen by soldiers, so he is said to have buried the money near the top of the Bone Hill Cemetery saying that he and his family would return in 7 years after the war was over. He never returned.

This is where the mystery and legend really begins as Missouri locals have reported for decades that every 7 years, a light can be seen at night on the top of what used to be the Bone Hill Cemetery. If you get close to it, the legend says it will disappear and then return 7 years later to find the fortune buried there.

Is there really gold buried somewhere in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery? We'll likely never know as there's no way anyone will be permitted to dig there (nor should they).

By the way, counting every 7 years, the next scheduled ghost light appearance at the top of Bone Hill will happen sometime in 2023. Up for a road trip?

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