There's a new video that brings back a long-mentioned Missouri legend. It claims that there was once a race of red-haired giants who also happened to be cannibals that called the St. Louis area home.

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I saw this new video shared today from some guys who appear to be doing a podcast. They reference the legend that the St. Louis area was once an area inhabited by giants who also made a meal of Native Americans. By the way guys, that screenshot behind you looks VERY FAMILIAR.

As I've mentioned before, there really is a history of giants in Missouri that is more than just tall tales (pun intended). Newspapers from a century ago reported that giant bones were found near Steelville, Missouri. I'll even give you the exact date. April 25, 1934, it was reported by the Springfield Daily News.

There is history of giants connected to St. Louis, too. Our St. Louis History mentions the large mounds in the region. There are many that believe that the bones of giants are buried under these large expanses of Earth. Ask anyone that's been to the mounds near Cahokia and they'll tell you that they are certainly big enough to be ancient burial grounds for...something BIG.

There are many well-respected authors who also believe that giants were not fables, but real beings that did exist. Did they make St. Louis, Missouri home thousands of years ago (or maybe hundreds)? It's some interesting history to research on your own if you're interested.

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