Two weeks ago it was announced that someone who purchased a lottery ticket at the County Market store at 24th and Spring in Quincy had yet to claim it, and time was running out. Well, the hour glass is about to see the last of the sand to go through it. If that ticket is not claimed and presented to the Illinois Lottery officials by today, the ticket will be just paper with numbers on it. It goes from being worth $275,000 to being worth nothing.

Scott Olson, Getty Images
Scott Olson, Getty Images

The ticket was purchased on July 29, 2013 and expires a year from the date of purchase. The ticket purchased was a Lucky Day Lotto quick pick ticket with the numbers 02-06-22-24-and 30.

There is a ticket worth $275-thousand waiting for someone to claim. If not claimed, I hope the owner of the ticket never finds it. How bad would that be?

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