Last week the State of Vermont became the first state to ban ”Fracking”. That’s right......... fracking. Just what is fracking?  Well I had to ask the question myself. So I did a little research and found out that fracking is a relatively new drilling technology using deep-shale horizontal hydraulic fracturing to reach natural gas reserves that underlie much of the earth.  As this relatively new drilling technology has ramped up nationwide, communities have seen a corresponding increase in air emissions, water contamination, and very serious problems associated with the disposal of horizontal fracking waste fluids.  This is such a problem that in Ohio the Ohio Environmental Council is urging Ohio's General Assembly to issue a moratorium ordering the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to withhold approval of new well permits involving horizontal fracking until such drilling practices are demonstrated to be safe for the environment and human health. Imagine sitting home watching TV when your house begins to vibrate from the drilling going on next door or perhaps even underneath your home?  Perhaps it’s the same feeling people in the City of Quincy experience when the drilling goes on in the underground caves from Highway 57 to 24th Street.  That’s right!  Those underground storage caves go as far back as 24th Street.  I have been told that people who live in that area sometimes can feel a little shaking going on beneath them. To my knowledge no fracking practices are being done in those caves.  In any case, it appears that “Fracking” is something that needs to be looked at more closely prior to it being allowed to be utilized.  Vermont may be the first state but don’t be surprised if others follow suit shortly.


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