With the regular season for baseball now over and the playoffs underway, I thought it would be a good time to review the picks I made back in March when the 2014 Major League Baseball season opened. Here is what I wrote back on March 28.  

"In the National League East, I am picking the Atlanta Braves. In the National League Central, I am going with the St. Louis Cardinals. The winner of the National League West will be the Los Angeles Dodgers with the wildcards going to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals. The winner of the National League title will be the Cardinals.

In the American League, I am picking the Tampa Bay Rays to win the East with the Kansas City Royals winning the Central and the Oakland A’s winning the West. The wildcards teams will be the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. The American League winner will be the Royals.

The World Series winner will be the Cardinals. Before you start laughing at my picks and calling me a “homer” wait for the conclusion of the season and then let me have it."

I was way off on Tampa Bay and close with the Yankee pick in the American League and not close with Atlanta at all in the National League. I was pretty close with the rest and did pick three correctly in the Cardinals, Dodgers and Pirates.

Of the 10 teams to make the playoffs, I did manage to select seven of them to play in post season. I'll check back in a few weeks to see how my overall pick ends up.

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