I have never claimed to be the smartest person in the room and I have no doubt there are 'experts' that know things I don't. But, it seems a little crazy that there is a movement by the federal government to try and ban the sale of certain types of refrigerators and freezers in Missouri.

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This isn't something being discussed for 50 years from now. It could all go down within the next 5 years. I had a colleague in New York state that noticed something so I began digging into it, too.

Bloomberg Law shared the news that the Department of Energy has adopted "energy efficiency agreement for fridges and freezers". It appears they have taken the recommendation of a group called Appliance Standards Awareness Project. They said that this is "a group of environmental organizations and efficiency advocates". That explains a lot.

Why will certain older fridges and freezers be banned in Missouri?

The advocacy group claims 30% savings for families. It appears they want this to take effect in 2029.

list of fridges and freezers to be banned in 2029.
Infographic, Appliance Standards Awareness Project

The current rulers of America are onboard with this recommendation and want to make it happen according to Fox News.

What is different about the new fridges? The article says "Variable-speed compressors, which are found in some models today, can run for longer at a lower speed, which means they stop and start less frequently".

What's the problem if the newer fridges and freezers save families money?

Since I tend to be a skeptical person, my concern is similar to what happened when the federal government banned incandescent bulbs and made everyone switch to LED bulbs. The new bulbs are more expensive and require an initial cost that is higher than the old tech. I can't say that LED bulbs last longer as we were all promised either. I would be shocked if newer compliant fridges and freezers aren't more expensive with the promise of energy savings later. That means more costly appliances in the short term with hopes it will save in the long term.

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