Don't believe everything you read. That is a strange way to start an article that I really do hope you'll read because it involves a very serious subject. Did you know there are major power outages that have just been forecast for states like Missouri in 2024, but I have so many questions.

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I saw this recent article by New Scientist shared and it's quite alarming. It says "much of North America may face electricity shortages starting in 2024". I was born and raised in Missouri so I automatically demand that they show me. Here's the evidence they presented.

It's based on a report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Who are they? Here's the word-for-word description from their own report (I've bolded a key phrase):

NERC is a not-for-profit international regulatory authority with the mission to assure the reliability of the BPS in North America. NERC develops and enforces Reliability Standards; annually assesses seasonal and long-term reliability; monitors the BPS through system awareness; and educates, trains, and certifies industry personnel.

I would recommending reading their full report, but here's a short summary. They consider the middle of America including Missouri "high risk" for electrical systems deficient to keep up with needs.

Infographic, North American Electric Reliability Commission
Infographic, North American Electric Reliability Commission

They estimate that Missouri is one of the parts of America that will begin having real power outages beginning in 2024 and escalating through 2028.

Now, let's look at another key phrase in their "report".

Under the "considerations" part of their report, they admit this:

Projections in this assessment are not predictions of what will happen

I'm not disregarding their report. Examining the power grid and it's capabilities and demands placed upon it is needed often. A failure of the power grid would likely kill more people than a nuclear weapon would in the long term. However, since this is just a warning, let's not panic just yet. Oh, and please turn the lights off on your way out. Thanks.

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