In a year that has had pretty much every type of weather event already in Missouri, you can add wildfires to the list as there are reports that many are occurring right now in the Ozarks.

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I was first clued into the fact that something was going on when I saw the Tornado Alley Weather Center share a status update on Facebook about wildfires in the Ozarks.

I confirmed via the Fire Weather Avalanche site that these reports of Missouri wildfires are true.

Infographic, Fire Weather Avalanche
Infographic, Fire Weather Avalanche

One of these Missouri wildfires involves 327 acres 10.4 miles WNW of Licking, Missouri according to the map. There's another 400 acre wildfire 6.1 miles S of Willow Springs, Missouri. Yet another is raging among 188 acres 8.5 miles E of Kissee Mills, Missouri. Finally, I saw reports of a small wildfire near Salem, Missouri and another 250 acre blaze 5.1 miles NW of Busch, Arkansas on the Missouri border.

There also appear to be a handful of wildfires in 4 different parts of the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois, too. These fires are one of the reasons why the National Weather Service in St. Louis issued urgent red flag warnings a few days ago.

If you are playing apocalypse bingo, you can go ahead and put an X in the Missouri wildfire box. As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is released.

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