You can leave a lot behind and start fresh in 2024, but for the Show-Me State of Missouri, sadly, this historic drought will carry into 2024 and not stay in 2023...

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According to an article on Brownfield, the drought that has ravaged Missouri in 2023 will carry into the new year. Unfortunately for Missourians, a new year will start with the same drought that plagued them in 2023, the article goes on to say...

"Missouri’s State Climatologist says 2023 is wrapping up drier than usual and there’s not much moisture in the forecast. Zach Leasor says some recent rain has been good for Missouri, but an eight-month drought isn’t fixed with a few rain events...Leasor says whatever happens this winter will affect the planting season in Missouri."

For more information on the drought Missouri is experiencing carrying over into 2024, click here!

Pray for Snow?

One of the ways Missouri can buck this drought is to have an above-average snowfall, back in the fall the governor of Missouri mentioned how Missourians should be praying for snow not just in Missouri but in all the northern states above Missouri that feed the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. You can read all about the governor's comments on the hope for a winter filled with snow, by clicking here!

The drought is a real issue, and the Brownfield article suggests that the winter weather we could experience this winter resembles an El Nino winter weather pattern which would lead to warmer than normal temperatures which doesn't sound good for snowfall...But it could bring rain, we just need water in any form at this point!

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