It is that time of year when we salute all the hard work and efforts of area graduates.

No matter what grades you received or how many honors you get at graduation, we salute you graduates for a job very well done. You have a future that is bright. Now go out and be the best you can be!

I have been to many graduations and I always  tear up when I hear the graduation song being sung or played. Since I am into the music, I get to hear many songs. But this time of year makes you feel happy and sad all at one time. Friends you have made the past four years will go different directions.

That is where the music comes in for me. I hear all these graduation songs being played on the radio and I think of days gone by, and some of thee people I will never see again. "Graduation Song" from Vitamin C or Green Day's "Time of Your life" help me remember the good times we all had together.

David Hsu
David Hsu

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