There are few buildings in Missouri with a more twisted history than the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis. According to multiple investigations over the decades, there is a belief that it is haunted by at least 9 ghosts.

Back in 1868 when it was built, the Lemp Mansion was among the nicest buildings in St. Louis. Even now, it's a popular restaurant and inn. But, if you look at the official website, you'll also notice they give ghost tours. There's a good reason for that.

A few years ago, an investigator said she had identified 9 ghosts in the mansion. She believes they were among the entities that convinced one of the original occupants to commit suicide back in the 1940's. However, the many suicides in this home began all the way back in 1901.

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Inside the Lemp Mansion, one of the first things that will likely catch your eye are the somewhat creepy stained glass window figures.

The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube
The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube

This recent paranormal investigation by a major YouTube channel found multiple strange happenings including a small unseen child laughing even before they started recording inside.

Even those commenting on the video said they had weird experiences inside the Lemp Mansion:

Matt Lash - "My only concrete paranormal experience I've had, happened while touring this Mansion. I was filming in the basement and panned over to one of the lemp portraits on a pillar. My camera then proceeded to be pushed down multiple times by an unseen force even with me pushing it back up to keep filming. Weirdest feeling ever."

There are so many eyewitnesses to paranormal activity in the Lemp Mansion that it's almost laughable to suggest nothing is going on. It's twisted history seems to write new chapters every time someone new visits.

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