Why oh why would anyone want to tear this place down? A new video shows a $3 million dollar Victorian mansion in Missouri that's about to be torn down. You can look inside to see what this place used to be.

There has to be something I'm missing here because I cannot understand why this place is about to be demolished if it hasn't been already. While there's no specific location given, the explorer mentions it was built in 1892 and was most recently sold for $3 million dollars in 2011. Now, it's been vacant for a decade.

I have so many questions. Why did someone put laundry out on a line only to leave it for 10 years?

BigBankz via YouTube

Inside you can see the bones of what looks to me to be a decent home that could be really turned into something. Those stairs are very turn-of-the-century 1900's vibe if there ever was.

BigBankz via YouTube

I've seen many homes and locations similar to this investigated and it sadly almost always shows massive vandalism. This Victorian mansion hasn't been abused by outsiders and it's a mystery why the owner can't remake it into an income property.

He mentioned that the property includes lots of acreage. Makes me wonder if this will end up being torn down and turned into some kind of shopping region. Time will tell.

For now, it's a lonely Victorian mansion located in the woods of Missouri waiting on a bulldozer to tear it down.

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