If you could, would you like to travel back to St. Louis as it was 200 years ago? That is kind of possible as there's a mansion from that era which is now available and it's full of history and character.

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If you're not familiar with the address 4424 Randall Place in St. Louis, Missouri, it's known as the Bissell Mansion. It's believed to be the oldest brick home in St. Louis and it's now available on the market.

Inside a 200-Year-Old St. Louis Mansion That Could Be Yours

Gallery Credit: Dan McGrath, Compass.com

The Compass listing says this mansion was built by Captain Lewis Bissell in 1823. It was originally a part of a 667 acre farm before St. Louis became the metro area it is now and still had lots of fields. It was recently a restaurant and mystery dinner theater. What it can be now is up to you if you're willing to meet the current $250,000 asking price. Check out the full listing for more details and pics of this historic part of St. Louis, Missouri.

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