Illinois Governor Pritzker announces "Regions" and "Phases" to reopen Illinois, festivals are in trouble...

Here is what I learned from watching Illinois Governor Prtizker's daily COVID-19 press conference today it was focused on how Illinois could possible reopen, it includes the state being divided into four regions, and a five phase plan.

Quincy and Adams county are a part of the "Central Illinois" region, each region will have to meet certain criteria for moving on to a new phase of reopening. The whole state is currently in what is being called Phase 2, the earliest any region could get to Phase 3 is the end of May, it seems as those masks will be required for Phase 3. Restaurants are not allowed to open dining rooms until Phase 4, and the max amount of people allowed to gather in Phase 4 is 50 people, but that is subject to change. Phase 5 where life is back to normal wont happen until there is a vaccine or a fast acting cure to the virus, the Governor mentioned in his speech that festivals, concerts, large gatherings would be allowed in Phase 5.

There are not "dates" on when to move from phase to phase, it is all based on numbers and data, and keeping the curve flat in your region. That is everything that I got from watching the Governors press conference today.

Here is a link to the Chicago Tribune where they have been covering the Governors press conferences as well CLICK HERE

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