It's no secret if you're a pet owner that sometimes things happen. That was the case for an Illinois family who found their huge mirror broken while their dog tried his best to look innocent. The security camera proved otherwise.

Here's what this family from Plainfield, Illinois said about their beloved dog:

Theo is an 11-month-old goldie boy who likes to get into trouble.

Ah, yes. A golden retriever. The breed known for being lovable and also adventurous. Theo might have gotten away with his costly curiosity if not for the Ring doorbell camera.

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As the official AKC website documents, golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in America. Intelligent, friendly and devoted are just a few of the positive aspects of goldens. They also should have mentioned that they can be very likely to look at themselves in mirrors as this famous dog did a few months ago in a viral video.

Maybe Theo was just trying to find his own 15 minutes of fame. It kinda worked as his video is now making the rounds. Unfortunately, the family is now shopping for a new mirror to replace the one he broke.

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