If you are looking to become a police officer then you need to consider moving to (or staying in) Illinois, it has been recognized as one of the Best States to be a Police Officer in.

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According to a list done last year from WalletHub.com, Illinois is considered one of the best places to be if you are a police officer. The list (which you can see in full by clicking here!) has Illinois technically ranked 6th, only California (1st), Connecticut, Maryland, District of Columbia, and Ohio rank ahead of Illinois since the District of Columbia isn't a state Illinois would just make the top 5 list. The states were all ranked by WalletHub in a number of different categories including opportunities, salaries, job hazards, protections, and training. Illinois ranks #1 in the category of highest median income adjusted for cost of living.

For our listeners and readers on the other side of the Mississippi River, Missouri ranks 23rd on this list, and Iowa comes in at 25th on the list. The worst states to be a police officer according to the list are Hawaii, Nevada, and Kentucky. To see the full list click here!

I am honestly not surprised that Illinois ranks this well on this particular list, I have a number of friends who are in law enforcement in Illinois and all of them love their jobs, now that being said I don't know anyone who works as a police officer in Downtown Chicago or any of those neighborhoods riddled with heavy crime, I would imagine that being a police officer in Chicago would be considerably more difficult.

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