The old saying says the rich get richer and...well, the rest of us don't. That's true for one Illinois place which is suddenly home to the 4th most millionaires in America.

I'm not a fan of envy. I am happy for those that find success as long as they do it legally. I will admit that I do wonder what it's like to be rolling in dough like the 15 cities just mentioned by 24/7 Wall St who have the most millionaires in the country. I'll give you two guesses, but you'll only need one to figure out which Illinois place made the list.

Congratulations, Chicago. You're rich(er). The Windy City now possesses the 4th most rich people in the universe (aka America)

Some other interesting numbers buried in this new ranking include the fact that the cost of housing in Chicago has gone up 48% in the past decade. It says the increase in wealth really began in Chicago in 2014 although I would argue the mob might debate that going back to the 1930's. (Right, Al Capone?)

Here's another staggering Chicago wealth number for you. The ranking says the Windy City has 2,700 millionaires for every 100,000 residents. That cannot be real, but it likely is.

I was not surprised to see Chicago make the millionaires list, but I am surprised there are so dang many of them. The Illinois rich really do get richer.

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Gallery Credit: Derek Guy via X/Michael Scavo Group

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