Everyone would like to think they're a superhero, but this is one instance where you need to understand how dangerous real life can be. Law enforcement in Illinois has issued a warning about the 10 most wanted fugitives that should not be approached as they are all to be considered armed and dangerous.

The Illinois Department of Corrections has an updated list of the 10 fugitives that they need information that will lead to their capture, but no one should try to be a vigilante. Here the 10 individuals who are considered the most violent fugitives still on the loose in Illinois.

10 Violent Illinois Fugitives On the Run Armed & Dangerous

Gallery Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections

Do not approach any of these individuals no matter what. If you believe that you have information about their whereabouts, you should immediately call (877) 795-4519 or 911. It's also possible to submit an anonymous tip through the Illinois Department of Corrections online portal.

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