Reserve an Igloo at The Yum Factory, free all this month!

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Here is some great news to start off your December! They Yum Factory has moved into their new location at 25th and Broadway, conveniently located near the KICK-FM and Y101 studios, and they are renting out Igloos for you to stay warm and enjoy everything their menu has to offer!

The Yum Factory posted on their Facebook page saying...

"Here’s the scoop on the igloos guys...all you need is a reservation. There is no rental fee and for the rest of December- due to covid we are eliminating all minimum charges. Just reserve a 2 hour slot and you can hang out in a heated igloo (let us know if you need a longer time slot). We have an appetizer menu and of course hot chocolate and cookies, wine and chocolate, a pretzel charcuterie board, and much more. Just call 217-209-0177 to reserve your spot... we open at the new location at 25th and Broadway Dec 1st!!"

To see the full post from The Yum Factory check out their Facebook page by clicking here!

This sounds soooo cool! When I lived in Chicago I would rent out Igloos on the river walk to drink and enjoy the city in the winter, and it is really nice to have something that will offer a similar experience here in Quincy. And the fact that they aren't charging for the rental for this month just is the cherry on top of this delicious offer from The Yum Factory!

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