Business Insider Magazine has studied housing costs, coast of living, employment opportunities, and lifestyle factors and has ranked North Dakota as the Number one state for young people to move to. North Dakota may not want that honor. 

I remember when Colorado was the place to go years ago and people went. The people of Colorado were not happy with the influx of population that still increases dramatically every year there. With more people comes more problems. And more costs as well.

This article made me think about where I would move to if I had a choice other than Illinois (where I reside), Iowa or Missouri.  I guess for my likes it would be Clearwater Beach, Florida.  It has the beach, the friendly people, and the sunshine.  It’s close to Tampa/St. Pete so I can see my beloved Yankees during the season when they play the Rays in St. Petersburg and during spring training in Tampa (the Yankees training complex is located there).  Plus the people still speak English (unlike Miami) and since that is the only language I know fluently, it is important.

If you had to move, where would you go? Love to hear your answers.

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