I was having dinner with some friends the other day when I realized that two of them have dogs with names of their friends. The naming of the dogs with the friends names was by chance, but it was somewhat ironic. it got me to thinking about the names of the dogs that have been in my life. My first dog was a collie-shepherd called "Fluffy". Then there was my bird dog named "George". He was followed by my miniature collie known as "Bogie".  I loved having all three dogs in my life and if my life would ever slow down I might entertain getting another dog again.  But what would I name it?

Naming a dog is not the easiest thing in the world to do. "Fluffy's" name came easy since her coat was thick and fluffy. The names "George" and "Bogie" took some discussion and thought. So, if I were to get another dog in my life, what would I name it? This is where I could use your help.

What were the names of the dogs in your life? I'll hang onto the list for future reference.

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