Jeff Dorsey
Jeff Dorsey

What a week this has been! First I hit the excitement jackpot with the birth of my 7th grandchild Saturday night. That was followed by bottoming out with the news of the loss of one of my best friends in Reggie Coleman on Sunday. Then the revelation of my retirement on Tuesday. Speaking of the retirement thing, I guess I didn't anticipate how many people just read the headline and not the story within.  All of the wonderful comments were greatly appreciated especially the heartfelt comments of people saying they were going to miss me on the air. But in reality, I am leaving my position as the Director of Operations (a full time job) and I am retiring.

With that said, I requested the opportunity to work part-time and just do the morning show with my co-host Sarah Deien as we have done for over two years. My request was accepted by Townsquare Media (owners of Y101 Radio) so for our wonderful and loyal listeners nothing will really be changing.

For me, my day will end when the show ends.  No more working from 5:30 a.m. to 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I will do what I want to do and be free to take some time for myself each and every day which will include more visits to see my grandkids.

My apologies to those who thought I was divorcing myself completely from this crazy business of radio. After 45 years of being full time in this business and 40 of them here in the Quincy-Hannibal area, I am looking forward taking a step back and catching my breath. It's time for me to enjoy the rest of my stress-free life and I am planning on doing it.

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