Another summer has come and gone, at least that is what people around here say once the Knights of Columbus BBQ has ended. The event featured large crowds with plenty of food and drinks. Perhaps not enough food and too many drinks for some people. I always make a point to drive by the K of C grounds the mornings after each day's events and count the cars that never made it home "last night".  

On the positive side there were drivers who did the smart thing and elected not to drive home after consuming too much alcohol. On the negative side there were those drivers who drank way too much. One has to wonder just how many other people left the grounds driving that shouldn't have driven home. Hats off to those drivers who made the right choice.

To the others who drove when they shouldn't have, consider yourself lucky you weren't stopped. A 10-thousand dollar fine/fee and increased driver's insurance on top of your beer tab would be really hard to swallow.

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