A popular pizza chain wants to help towns across America ensure that their pizzas are delivered safely and intact...by paving potholes.

Domino's has announced an initiative to pave a city's potholes so that pizzas arrive at your doorstep the same way the came out of the oven. Their marketing campaign, Paving for Pizza, is their way of helping their communities and keeping you, the customer, happy.

You can nominate your town at pavingforpizza.com, in hopes that they will come and help pave the potholes in your town. Now, if you live in Quincy, you know that there are several, extremely bad streets that need a little TLC.  I think Quincy would be an excellent city to win the Domino's promo.

Domino's has already helped towns in Texas, Delaware, Georgia, and California in efforts to make sure their pizzas are delivered without cheese on the top of the box or pepperoni sliding off the edges.

If you check out the website you will be able to see (depending on how bad the road it) what happens to your pizza on the way to your house due to bad roads. Hint: it's not pretty.

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