New Year equals new laws here in the Land of Lincoln, there are lots of new laws going into effect come Jan.1 look through them before the start of the new year.

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I found this interesting article on about the new laws that are going into effect in 2022 here in Illinois, in the article they pick out about 10 laws to feature and make mention of, but as I went down the rabbit hole you learn quickly there are a lot of new laws going into effect.

If you want to see the complete list of laws going into effect in 2022 click here!

I was going to count how many new laws Illinois has but after counting to a hundred and being only 5 pages in, out of 15 total pages, I figured it was safe to say there are hundreds of bills that have been passed taking effect in 2022.

Some of the laws made big headlines as the Juneteenth law passed, but there are plenty that went under the radar like this one on page 13 that says...

"Changes the State Commemorative Dates Act to designate the first Saturday in May of each year as Veterans Gardening Day"

Or this one on page 10...

"Requires that the passenger of a motorcycle must be capable of resting a foot on the footrest while the motorcycle is in motion."

There are also others that passed like...

"Establishes gun safety and FOID modernization"

What does that mean exactly? I don't know, guess you'd have to do some digging into house bill 00562 to learn more. Stuff like this is important for us all to know, the last thing you'd want is to end up breaking a law you didn't even know existed!

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