Just think of it. You go to bed just a normal person, and then you wake up the next morning and you are a millionaire. So now what? The first thing that comes to mind is: What would you do if you win the jackpot? Vacations? Quit your job? Maybe. But here's how I would spend that $865 million.

The Mega Millions is up an estimated $865 million, that amount of money just seems impossible to think of. So, what would I do if I won?

  • Buy a nice house
  • Take the family to Disney
  • Go shopping
  • Travel
  • Give some to family & friends
  • Give some to charity
  • I would NOT quit my job

It would be nice knowing that my children and my children's children would be taken care of. If would be nice not having to worry about paying bills, or where money would come from. I know that I probably would find myself with many friends all of the sudden. It's nice to dream about it, but I'm not unrealistic. I have a better chance starring in a movie then winning the lottery.

There is a 1 in 302,575,350 chance to with it all. But hey, SOMEONE has to win it, right? Or maybe even few people may hit it. Maybe it's me, maybe it's you, or maybe it's someone else entirely. But whoever wins it will have a lot of decisions to make on how to spend their winnings.

Guess they best way to win is to play, gotta play to win!

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