Last week we were all going through our minds just what we would do with 640 million bucks if we would win the Mega Millions drawing. I'd buy the house I have been looking at in Clearwater, Florida and then I would buy the adjoining beach.  Oh, what the heck, let's just buy the whole place.  Dorsey, Florida replaces Clearwater Beach. It's got a nice ring to it doesn't it? It's funny how people won't buy a lottery ticket to win a "measly" 3 million bucks but they will spend big for the 640 million dollar jackpot. Even though your chances are better going after the smaller jackpot.  I am just as guilty.  I bought 5 tickets to win big last week and had a combined total of two numbers come up from all 5 games.  How bad is that? When I was buying my tickets at the Shell Convenience store at 24th and State I asked the clerk if he was a little busy with lottery ticket sales.  He responded that he had just started working at 5 that afternoon but had already sold over $1200 worth of tickets. It was 6:15pm when I asked him.  Not a bad take for a 75 minute time period. I took my tickets thinking I actually had a chance to win it all.  It was not to be. Gee, I guess I could have claimed I had won and gone on national TV like that woman did in Maryland. I could have said I bought my ticket in Red Bud, Illinois. That would have caused quite a stir in Q-town. The woman in Maryland turned out to be a hoax.  If she tries it again, I hope she wears a different hat. The one she had on was not too flattering to say the least.



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