The tri-states have so many fascinating people. Why the heck have I never heard of Pete Kostelnick? How did I not know that the world record holder for running across America lived in America's Hometown!?

Pete is famous among the ultra runners crowd but virtually unknown here in Hannibal. His story is fascinating. In 2016, Pete started his cross-country run from San Francisco to New York City. He completed that feat in 42 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes. That shattered a 30-year world record by 4 days. That's a 9-and-a-half minute mile average, running as much as 80 miles a day. Amazing!

Even more amazing is the run of a lifetime that Pete Kostelnick is on right now. He's attempting the world's longest unsupported run, starting in Kenai Alaska and ending in Key West Florida. Unsupported means he's running alone, no vehicle following him. He's pushing a stroller for heaven's sake!!

As I'm writing this, Pete has wrapped up day 21 dashing through the Yukon Territory of Canada. He logged 70 miles that day, with 1,183 miles in the books so far. By the time he reaches Key West, Pete will have put 5,300 miles on his running shoes.

Pete recently moved from Hannibal to Ohio so I'm not likely to run into him, so to speak. Join me though in following his journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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